In community meetings, neighbors of Punta Colorada ask for the prompt execution of the Dominga project

18 August 2023 | Uncategorized

Up La Higuera! is the title of the community meetings of the Community Association in the company of Dominga, who visit all the towns of the commune to update on the status of the project and the work for the benefit of the neighbors that has been developed in recent times.

The first of these encounters occurred in Punta Colorada. On the occasion, the neighbors agreed that “We are more united than ever to demand the approval of this project.”

“I would like Dominga to be carried out as soon as possible, because in Punta Colorada there is a great need for work,” said neighbor Flora Robledo.

“We want them to approve this project soon. We have been waiting for years, and we will continue to support it 100%,” said Estelvina Pizarro from the Villa Pajaritos Neighborhood Council.

Meanwhile, the president of the territorial board of Punta Colorada, Maricel Varas, indicated that “the majority of the residents of Punta Colorada yearn for this project because we are all hopeful for the development that our community needs.”

Benefits of Dominga and the Community Association in Punta Colorada

During 2022, the Community Association and Dominga developed three projects in La Higuera: The first consisted of scholarships for all high school and higher education students in the community. In Punta Colorada, 22 students benefited.

The second project considered resources to support the APR systems of 7 locations in La Higuera, including Punta Colorada. This, in response to the serious drought that affects the entire region. In this locality, the APR determined to carry out maintenance work in the main water cup.

And finally, they collaborated in the creation of a Community Emergency Network, which included support for the acquisition of a fire truck for the First Company Hermanos Núñez Cuadra of La Higuera, available to all the residents of the commune.

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