Dominga and the Communal Association contributed to the acquisition of a firetruck for the municipality of La Higuera

17 August 2023 | News

One of the projects that Dominga and the Communal Association implemented during 2022 was the creation of a Community Emergency Network. This contemplated, among other things, the contribution of resources for the acquisition of an American firetruck for the First Company of Firefighters, Hermanos Núñez Cuadra de La Higuera.

This is how, after hard work, this desire of the entire community finally materialized, and in the offices of the Fire Department, the inauguration of this new unit was carried out, which is now available to satisfy the needs of all the residents of the commune.

Héctor Urrutia, second commander of the La Higuera Fire Department commented that the acquisition of this equipment is a dream that seemed unattainable “but it came true, and the project was carried out with our efforts plus the support of Dominga and the Communal Association. We had a truck but it had mechanical problems, sometimes we didn’t have a way to get around. Now we are happy because we can provide better coverage, since we have two units in case of emergencies”.

The president of the La Higuera Neighborhood Council, Óscar Miranda, highlighted the joint effort for the benefit of the community. “It is a huge support because this fire department covers our entire commune, with all its locations, including accidents that occur on the road, therefore, we are happy and grateful.”


The Framework Agreement for the Human, Productive and Environmental Development of La Higuera establishes a commitment to work together to contribute to a better quality of life for all the residents of La Higuera.

Francisco Villalón, Andes Iron Corporate Affairs Manager, stressed that these projects are for all the residents of La Higuera. “During the past year we benefited 370 scholarships to all high school and higher education students; as we also collaborated with resources for the APRs, to help with the availability of water for all the neighbors. That is the spirit of the community work that Dominga carries out, and we hope to continue together because our purpose is to achieve a better quality of life for all the residents of the commune”.

Yonatan Rojas, leader of the Communal Association explained that after the presentation of the project by firefighters “it was impossible not to want to collaborate. A vote was made by the directors of our thematic and territorial tables, and we agreed to make this contribution because it was a need that our neighbors urgently required,” he said.


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