Andes Iron public statement before the report of the Committee of Ministers: “We will appeal before the environmental courts as provided by law”

18 August 2023 | News

Knowing the resolution of the Committee of Ministers regarding the Dominga project after more than 5 months, Andes Iron declares the following:

  • We will appeal before the Environmental Courts as established by law, in a

maximum period of 30 days. This body analyzes the projects on their technical and legal merits, where we have obtained favorable results, for which we are confident that the technical bodies will resolve according to law.

  • The arguments used by the Committee of Ministers are surprising,

who refer to a series of issues that have already been resolved by the

environmental justice, which establishes that Dominga fully complies with the current regulations, and do not provide any background that has not been treated and settled previously by all technical instances.

  • We will continue working together with the community of La Higuera and the Region of Coquimbo, with whom we have committed to develop a socially and environmentally sustainable project, and we reiterate our commitment to continue to go ahead with this project that has a unique and unprecedented proposal in our country in terms of sustainability.

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