Andes Iron appreciates the moderation of the new proposal by AMCP-MU and will study the decree to promulgate it

18 August 2023 | Uncategorized

Andes Iron appreciated the important moderation of the new Government’s proposal for the creation of a Multiple-Use Protected Coastal Marine Area (AMCP-MU), which was approved today by the Council of Ministers for Sustainability and Climate Change, whose decree of promulgation we will analyze once it is issued.

Unlike what happened in the session on July 7th, in which State Ministers explicitly spoke of prohibitions on industrial activities such as ports, desalination plants, among others, this time it was stated that the AMCP-MU was only an extension of the area approved in 2021, that “a priori prohibitions are not included” and that “free navigation and anchoring are not affected”, criteria that are consistent with what was proposed by the Minister of the Environment this week before the Senate Environment Commission .

Unfortunately, in the presentation it was not clear if the maritime concession that Dominga has was excluded from the AMCP-MU or not. In the session held on July 7th, the MMA informed the members that the Dominga project did not have a maritime concession, since Decree No. 405/2012 of the Ministry of Defense grants Andes Iron a concession for a shipping terminal and a desalination plant.

It should be noted that Andes Iron is not opposed to the creation of an AMCP-MU, on the contrary, it believes that this would be a contribution to the area that it is trying to protect, since the reconciliation of development and the environment is perfectly possible, as it is demonstrated in areas like the San Francisco Bay and other parts of the world.

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