Alliance Dominga and ULS: Promote three-dimensional fog catcher as an alternative for water collection

18 August 2023 | News

This is an initiative that seeks the development of sustainable water harvesting technologies. A work carried out by the University of La Serena, which has the collaboration of Dominga as an associated company, and which, through the implementation of a new highly efficient three-dimensional geometry fog catcher, aims to be an innovative alternative to water scarcity.

The project “Development of a High-Efficiency Three-Dimensional Fog Catcher”, financed by the Fund for the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Development (FONDEF IDeA), was officially launched by the ULS, through the Vice-Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies, in a ceremony held in the Hexagon room of the state house of studies.

The ULS researcher and project director, Dr. Danilo Carvajal, explained that together with Dr. Sonia Montecinos and Dr. Luis Silva, both academics from the institution, they have concentrated on substantially improving these systems by carrying out experiments in the laboratory, with tunnels wind and terrain. This, with the objective of reaching an efficiency of 40%, which would be approximately double the current efficiency of a flat or conventional fog catcher.

In this sense, he emphasized that the development of this technology hopes to contribute positively to the region through an alternative water resource. “A fog catcher uses a renewable resource that is available in good proportion on the Chilean coast. This water can be used, for example, in agriculture, livestock, reforestation or for human consumption. The idea is to improve people’s quality of life”, indicated Dr. Carvajal, from the ULS Multidisciplinary Research and Postgraduate Institute.

For Dr. Eduardo Notte, ULS Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, the development of this initiative also contributes to the transfer of advanced knowledge. “It is a very important FONDEF project since it also involves the formation of advanced human capital such as master’s and doctorates. The idea of ​​the institution is that when we develop a project, this also requires a transfer of knowledge both from the people who will surely work in the region, as well as in the research itself”.

In this regard, Dominga’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Francisco Villalón, pointed out that “for us, the virtuous alliance between private companies and academia is essential for the development of technologies, the strengthening of human capital, and scientific research to apply in the processes and make good decisions. For this reason, we have worked for a long time with the University of La Serena in the development of fog trap projects and we are available to continue contributing to the development of science, especially of such an important state university for our region”.

In parallel, the initiative also has the advice of PHP Consulting, a company specialized in the management of water resources, which contributes to the design of the fog traps and the different places where this type of technology can be carried out.

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