SONAMI (National Mining Society) INTERVIEW: “This ruling is a huge step; it is a green light to continue to advance to the following instances”.

04 May 2021 | News

In an interview with the Mining Bulletin of the month of April, Francisco Villalón, Corporate Affairs & Communities Manager of Andes Iron, addresses the details of the ruling of the Environmental Tribunal of Antofagasta that establishes that the Dominga project “complied with current regulations and provided complete and sufficient information for its correct environmental evaluation”.

The ruling of the First Environmental Tribunal has been a breath of fresh air for the Dominga project as, for an initiative that has taken more than seven years of processing , this ruling, as they say in Andes Iron, means a “green light” to continue to advance to the following instances.

After knowing the Antofagasta Tribunal’s ruling, the company stated that the sentence “establishes unambiguously that the information provided by the owner of the project is sufficient and complete, and that the Dominga project thoroughly complies with the existing environmental standards governing the legal and technical evaluation of such projects”.

In general terms, the ruling of the First Environmental Tribunal determined to annul the resolution of the Committee of Ministers- that in 2017 defined the rejection of the project, arguing that it had a poor baseline of the marine environment, among other aspects- and of the Environmental Evaluation Commission of the Coquimbo Region.

In an interview with the Mining Bulletin, Francisco Villalón, Corporate Affairs Manager of Andes Iron, stresses that the ruling states that the project, located in the area of La Higuera, Coquimbo Region, “complied with current regulations and provided all the information in a complete and sufficient way for the correct environmental assessment.”

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