Andes Iron Statement: Resolution of the Committee of Ministers contradicts the technical instances of the state

24 January 2023 | Uncategorized

After knowing the resolution of the Committee of Ministers regarding the Dominga project, Andes Iron announced that it will appeal to the Environmental Courts to reverse the resolution, an instance that analyzes the projects on their technical and legal merit, where we have obtained favorable results in the past, for which we are confident that at the end of the process, justice and the truth will prevail.

As a company, we are not surprised by the result, considering the political intervention of the Committee of Ministers, which favors prosecution and delays a definitive response regarding such an important investment for the Coquimbo Region and Chilean mining. The Dominga project has been systematically supported in all technical instances, in which it has already been established that the Base Line of the Dominga project is sufficient and complete, therefore there is no room for new technical questions about it.

The Dominga project not only meets but exceeds all standards and is aligned with the principles established by the Government for the sustainable development of industrial and mining projects in terms of environmental protection, community relations, use of clean energy, use of desalinated water, among others. The Dominga project was designed according to the best worldwide consensus Green Mining standards for the 21st century.

At the same time, Andes Iron sent a message to the community neighboring the project, which in its vast majority supports the development of Dominga. “We stand in solidarity with the entire community of La Higuera and the Coquimbo Region, to whom we reiterate our commitment to carry out this project.”

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