17 April 2020 | News

Reaffirming their commitment and support to the development of the Region of Coquimbo, Andes Iron, through their Dominga mining project, handed over to the Medical School of the Catholic University of the North (UCN) the most complete and modern lab equipment, which will allow them to go from 49 to 144 analysis daily of the COVID-19 tests.

In this way, and thanks to the contribution of Dominga, the Region of Coquimbo takes an important leap in the prevention of the virus, collaborating with the community and the medical authority in the task of flattening the propagation rate.

This, because the donation of the mining project will facilitate the implementation of the expected site, one of those projected in the Region of Coquimbo expected to be functioning in the near future in the area, such as the biomolecular laboratory of the Hospital of Ovalle where they will process some 150 samples daily.  With that, both labs could reach 300 tests daily.

The donation, in summary, is a machine QuantStudio 3 Real-Time PCR System, in addition to all the necessary peripheral equipment, last generation, which has among its main attributes the ability to connect to an international database, where it can see and share information, in real time, with laboratories around the world.

Guiliano Bernardo Seco, Associate Professor of the Medical School of the UCN and in charge of the new lab, valued the contribution specifying that, in this way, more people can be diagnosed and therefore contribute to the containment of the pandemic in the region.  “This new equipment allows us to duplicate and accelerate the capability of analysis of samples on suspicion of presence of Covid-19. Being a much more modern equipment it has software which allow us in real time and with more precision the results we are looking for.  This way, we will be able to detect early the sources of contagion, the adoption of preventive measures and, therefore, save lives”, indicated the professional.

From Dominga, in the meantime, they considered the donation as something extremely necessary for the region in times of pandemic.  Pedro Ducci, General Manager of the Company, said “the company is available to continue to contribute to the development of Coquimbo and surrounding areas, as Dominga has been doing since the announcement of the mining project in the community of La Higuera”.

It is expected that the medical equipment will arrive within the next few days to the University, and, after their authorization they should be fully available to strengthen the local installed capacity.


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