03 March 2020 | News

With a broad support of the community (with whom it has an agreement throughout the lifespan of the project) and with the proposal of only one port for the community of La Higuera, Dominga mining company gave a new sample of their commitment with the environment of its port and mining project, during the hearings that took place and the First Environmental Tribunal of Antofagasta, after the Supreme Court determined to analyze the merits of the case.

It should be remembered that after more than three years of processing, the company obtained a favorable Consolidated Evaluation Report (ICE), that recommended the project should be approved since it took proper charge of any environmental impact.  Dominga was designed according to the most strict technical and environmental standards, being the first project in the area that will utilize only sea water for all its processes.  For this, a desalination plant will be built, which will allow 5 liters of potable water per second for the community, doubling the availability of the resource for human consumption.

During the hearings today, the company presented a new proposal, consisting of a commitment to build only one port in the area.  At present, there is project Cruz Grande and project Dominga, which contemplates the construction of a port in the area of Totoralillo Norte.  The attorney representing Dominga in the hearings, Patricio Leyton, stated “regardless of whether we have strictly complied with the development of a modern and environmentally sustainable project, we understand that it is reasonable to install only one port, since having two terminals that close is not justifiable”.

At the same time, the company has promised to contribute with resources for the creation of an independent center for scientific investigation, with focus in maritime protected areas and species, and that in particular it can analyze the behavior of cetacean and penguins in the area of influence and the areas of exclusion of the project.  Considering the importance of the ecosystem of the area, based on the information generated in time, this center for investigation could recommend courses of action which would be made mandatory, and become part of the commitments of the company, becoming controllable and punishable by current law.

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